Sunday, 27 July 2008

Extra Mundane V's Extramundane

So this week Extra Mundane caught up with Vegan Spoken Word Electro Rap Duo Extramundane, who are currently promoting their new album Extra Medium.

So guys you’ve been causing a bit of a stir recently with your song Preachin (to the Converted). Can you explain a bit it for our readers?

Yeah it’s basically about preaching… to the converted. So we start off by talking about stuff we like and then we talk about stuff we don’t like, I mean it really does show both sides of the argument. Its also quite condescending and an insult to the audiences level of intelligence.

So would you say you guys are political?

Everything we do is political… hang on I’ve just got to go for a shit.

So where do you sit politically?

Well I’d say we’re in a sort of apathetic middle ground, though we do hate the man.

Would you care to elaborate on that?

Well I mean it could have been a good film but we both feel that the script let it down. And Samuel L Jackson’s abilities as a comic actor were completely wasted.

So to get back to your new album, the titles very clever, can you explain how you came up with it?

Well I wanted to call it Wheat Free Beats but Derek had his heart set on Extra Medium so in true democratic style we flipped a coin for it. Its quite edgy because obviously you can get extra large and extra small but you cant get extra medium. Its basically a paradox.

So your on tour at the moment, is there anything you specifically ask for in your rider?

Well we both have nut allergies so we normally ask for everything to be nut free. But apart from that we also ask for pulses, grains and frozen vegetable sausages.

So final question… the name, did you steal it off us?


Are you sure?


Come on…

We didn’t steal it.

I think you did.







Well at least we know how to spell it.

Extramundane will be touring around the UK over the next month to promote their new album. Or alternatively check back here to catch a glimpse of their tour diaries which they will be recording especially for us. Check out the first installment below!

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