Monday, 8 June 2009

Super Nova Tickle Institute

See that's how easy it is to be psychedelic nowadays.

Thats if your definition of psychedelia is whacking on some tie dyed clothing, spouting nonsense about dreamcatchers and having the ability to string random words together.

Britain is currently gearing itself up for its 15th summer of love... this comes hot on the heels of last summers 14th summer of love both soundtracked by Ketamine.

If you want to get involved then simply purchase one of the following:

1. A MGMT album.
2. A colourful headband (or any kind of headband really).
3. A penchant for buzz words like psychedelic
4. And a Topman card.

And if you live by the coastline... youre laughin (theres nothing more psychedelic than standing on a beach).

If your reading this its probably too late to get on the bandwagon this year... but dont worry theres always the 16th summer of love.