Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Coulis V's Marmelade

So Extra Mundane caught up with generic indie band Coulis this week, who were in the studio putting the finishing touches to their new album, Fifty Years Of Culture – Diluted!

EXTRA MUNDANE: So what would you say your main influences are.

COULIS: Well we like everything from The Beatles to Oasis.

EXTRA MUNDANE: Cool! So how did you come up with the name Coulis?

COULIS: Well originally we were called The Marmalade but our manger said that it was a bit close to The Jam, so we thought, what’s a diluted form of jam? Hence Coulis!

EXTRA MUNDANE: Wow! So on your new album there’s a lot of songs on there that I would describe as deep. Can you elaborate on this please?

COULIS: Sure, it’s basically because we read the encyclopedia a lot so I guess its obviously going to come through in our songs. It just seeped through like osmosis or summat. In fact we've got one song called The Encyclopedia and another one that’s called Philosophy, which is all about thinking and that.

EXTRA MUNDANE: Amazing. So how did you guys meet?

COULIS: Well it’s actually a really interesting story. We both worked in Comet for six months after leaving school and we basically met there on our first day… Our first day! We got on boss and then we started talking about music and we were like 'boss we like the same bands. Wouldn't it be boss if we were in a band or summat.' So we started to write some songs and we were like these are boss. It was like fate of something.

EXTRA MUNDANE: So how do you deal with the accusations that although you sing about drudgery of working class life you don’t really have any real experience of it?

COULIS: Well… we worked in Comet for six months.

We tried to transcribe the rest of the interview but it was so garbled that the only words we could work out were Widnes, Our Kid and Two's on that. So here's the rest of the interview on video (We should have subtitled it.)

You can catch the boiler-faced idiots on their nationwide tour, which starts next month in support of their new album.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Low brow High Tops!

So this week Extra Mundane caught up with Nerd Hop duo Twin Geeks at their mums’ house.

These guys are really creating a lot of buzz right now and are blazing a head of their peers.
Whilst everyone else on the Nerd Hop scene is talking about modern pursuits such as getting text-pested these guys are really carving a niche for themselves by banging on about when mobile phones were the size of a suitcase.

We were going to attempt to ask them some questions but instead they spent the whole time slagging each other off and whittering on about their new haircuts.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Club Wank!

So this weekend Extra Mundane went to uber cool club night Club Wank.

Whilst we were there we bumped into comedian turned actor Quentin Christian Papoosay.
In between frottaging inanimate objects and screaming nonsense in Victorian Mockney slang, Papoosay told us about his growing interest in modern art.
Recently he splashed out by spending £250,000 on an old door that notorious urban Graffiti Artist Blankstain sprayed his, now famous, cock and balls onto.
The floppy hair tit says ‘Blankstain's just so hot right now, everybody wants a piece of him and I’ve got his cock and balls hanging on my wall. The resonance really… resonates.’

And Papoosay's right Blankstain is really hot right now with even Hollywood stars like Chad Fitt saying’ ‘I just really love the way he’s anonymous, its so brave and the way he’s always spraying his cock and balls of stuff, that’s genius.’