Monday, 8 June 2009

Super Nova Tickle Institute

See that's how easy it is to be psychedelic nowadays.

Thats if your definition of psychedelia is whacking on some tie dyed clothing, spouting nonsense about dreamcatchers and having the ability to string random words together.

Britain is currently gearing itself up for its 15th summer of love... this comes hot on the heels of last summers 14th summer of love both soundtracked by Ketamine.

If you want to get involved then simply purchase one of the following:

1. A MGMT album.
2. A colourful headband (or any kind of headband really).
3. A penchant for buzz words like psychedelic
4. And a Topman card.

And if you live by the coastline... youre laughin (theres nothing more psychedelic than standing on a beach).

If your reading this its probably too late to get on the bandwagon this year... but dont worry theres always the 16th summer of love.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dumb N Bass in ya face... Comin down like a ten tonne...

Wait on a sec… How come no one ever realised until after the event that Drum and Bass was rubbish?

Hard to believe it now but there was a period in the 90’s when everyone thought Drum and Bass was the future of music.

Even huge established artists lost their minds for a moment and tried their hand at it. If you don’t believe me, then check out this clip from Bowie.

I can just imagine him in the studio with two nobend DnB producers with them both going, ‘No Dave, DnB tracks don’t have a middle 8’ and him crying into crush velvet alien robes. So far away indeed…

I’m sure at one point I even read an interview with Laurie Anderson and she was saying some nonsense like, ‘Oh yeah Lou’s got really into Drum and Bass now’.

HA! Can you imagine it? I think I’d rather listen to Metal Machine Music.

Luckily it never seemed to surface and eventually DnB ended up nothing more than a jingle on a BnQ advert…

Oh and the soundtrack to my nightmares.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The different levels of indie band fame…

It’d be shit being famous. I don’t mean generic indie band famous more Lily Allen chatting nonsense in the tabloids famous.

Now don’t get me wrong having barely legal teenager idolise and throw themselves at me and beg me to help fulfil there ‘My life is like Skins’ fantasies wouldn’t be too bad but I don’t know if I could put up with getting pestered in the street by muppets who think they know me just because they’ve seen me on TV or read something I wrote on the internet.

Then again maybe if I didn’t write so much shit on the Internet?

Monday, 2 March 2009

Someday you will find me caught beneath a landshiiite…

So we were talking the other day and it came to our attention that we hadnt updated the blog in about 6 months... which is a bit slack seeing as how we dont have jobs (well Greggs doesnt count).

Apart from working at Greggs we've mainly been sitting around the house watching daytime TV and eating cereal in our pants.

So there we were sat Watching TV this week when we almost prolapsed at the sight of derivative generic indie band Coulis being interviewed on TV preparing for their big homecoming gig.

Always up for a laugh, down to earth even when they started to make it, always willing to do an interview for us or talking some shit about ‘Ashcroft’.

It seems like only yesterday that you could walk through Widnes town centre and bump into the lads.

Its great to see the guys back in town… see you down the front tonight!