Monday, 31 March 2008

The State of the Balkans!

So this week Extra Mundane caught up with musician Balkan States, who is over from the US in support of his new album, Do you think I’m going to rob ya?

EXTRA MUNDANE: So can you start off by telling me about some of your influences?

BALKAN STATES: Sure, I was basically on holiday in Eastern Europe and I was listening to a lot of Gypsy music and I thought, Wow this is really good, I should steal this style. I mean I’m American and we don’t really have any real culture or history of our own so it seemed like the obvious thing to do.

EXTRA MUNDANE: So do the influences end with the music?

BALKAN STATES: Well I’m touring in a caravan nowadays and when I’m not doing gigs I sell heather and pegs by the side of the road, basically I do anything that is a stereotype of Gypsy culture.

EXTRA MUNDANE: So what do you put your success down to?

BALKAN STATES: Well its weird because basically all I have done is take elements from the Romany music and lifestyle and have repackaged it in into a format that is acceptable to the wider general public. I guess in that sense I’m kind of like a modern day Elvis.

EXTRA MUNDANE: So what’s next for you?

BALKAN STATES: Well I’ve just been nominated for the Saturn Music Award for Innovation in Music, which is kind of ironic really. And then after that I’m off back to America where I’m going slowly start expanding the perimeter of my land into my neighbours. I mean its important to keep it real.

Catch Balkan States this month at venues (and the odd car park) all over the UK.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Retro-Aging-Neurone Disease!

So Extra Mundane were surfing the internet this week and came across an article on a new disease that’s threatening to kill off the music scene!

Its called Retro-Aging-Neurone Disease!

As you can see from the image it mainly afflicts indie kids who are obsessed with dressing like it was the 50’s.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  1. 1. An unhealthy interest in Indie Music
  2. 2. Only owning clothes from second hand shops
  3. 3. Being Obsessed with Vinyl

So if you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms take note; you may be dead by the end of the week!!!

Either that or you'll have a record contract and a massive crack habit.

Blankstains on walls!

Here's a video of Urban Graffiti Artist Blankstain spraying his now infamous cock and balls all over a wall!

This guy is so subversive and cutting edge.

I was going to post a link to his website but all it says is Coming Soon!