Wednesday, 23 July 2008

'I'm influenced by Fat Les'

Not content with being the toast of the art world, notorious urban graffiti artist Blankstain is now turning his attention to music.

He said recently, 'I'm really influenced by people like... erm whats his name? You know the guys behind Fat Les. The way they makes the transition between art, comedy, acting and music and yet they manage to master them all. Their truly multi-disciplined artists. Thats what I'm aiming for. Except with crude drawings of cocks and balls and rap music. I've mastered graffiti, now I'd like to try my hand at music. The first song I'm going to release, Word Up I'm Blankstain, is basically my manifesto.'

Blankstain went on to add, 'Its no Fat Les but its easily as good as Swamp Thing.'

Judge for yourselves below!

The only thing Extra Mundane can say is, IS THERE NOTHING THIS GUY CAN'T DO?

Anyway we're off to watch that video again. On our laptop. In the toilet.

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