Monday, 21 April 2008

Too much mediocrity will kill you... Everytime!

There’s soooo much happening in music right now that its hard to keep up! So I thought to help you out I would list some of my new favourite genres:

1. NERD-HOP: This is a style of Hip-Hop where instead of banging on and on and on about bling, guns and bitches, rappers like Twin Geeks, pictured above, bang on and on and on about computer games, trainers, skateboards and/or BMX’s. In short it’s the musical equivalent of spending the afternoon in the library (in the reference section).

2. TWEE-CORE: Awfully, insipid, twee indie music subject matter like riding the bus home or being in love with some girl who thinks you’re a twat, accompanied by noisy guitars that are out of tune and badly played.

3. FOLK-STEP: Basically just traditional Folk music but with crap, tinny Breaks N Beats and midi drums mixed in.

4. SKIFFLE-BEAT: There are loads of Skifflebeat artists around at the moment. They're ten a penny Guv'nor. Think normal indie music but with washboards and songs about Dear Old Blighty. The real legacy of Chaz and Dave – Have a banana!

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